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    Will Zen support PCIe 4.0?


      I saw yesterday that the 0.7 spec for PCIe 4.0 was released, and that it would be final by the end of the year. With Zen not coming until 2017 and the AMD  Naples motherboards showing PCIe 4.0 power connectors on it, will Zen ship with it or should I wait until it does?

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          I can't answer your question but I can advise that industry specifications such as PCI, DDR, etc. are developed and approved years in advance of when they are typically needed so that subsystems can keep pace with CPU development in coming years. Consumer PC systems have far lower data flow capacity needs than enterprise systems so what you see on Naples may not be what you get with Summit Ridge for instance.


          As an example it has been shown that DDR4 RAM which is designed primarily for servers, offers no tangible system performance gains for single CPU personal computers over DDR3 RAM running at 1600 MHz. because DDR3 RAM running at 1600 MHz. on a single CPU desktop PC doesn't saturate the RAM for any significant duration. Until DDR3 is saturated at 1600 MHz. faster DDR3/DDR4 RAM provides no tangible system performance gains contrary to the RAM benchmarking programs which assume saturated RAM 100% of the time and thus generate "potential performance gains", not actual or real performance gains. The same situation holds true for other PC industry data transfer design specifications. Having the latest spec does not necessarily guarantee any higher system performance than a current slower spec. depending on the application.