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Flicker on desktop apps - 16.7.x to 16.8.2

Question asked by eire1274 on Aug 21, 2016

I'm having an issue typically set off when video is playing (GPU rendering) in Chrome, or on the desktop with StarDock Deskscapes. When I use the volume roller on my keyboard while video is rendering, the set-over layer for the volume Windows provides (visible in the left top corner of the display, showing a vertical slider with a numerical volume). The keyboard and roller are driver-free Windows HID device.


The third quarter of the screen (moving top to bottom) begins a flicker that can be either alternate colors, or graphical moves as rectangualer segments get shifted around. Sometimes killing the video and loading Notepad or another static app to full screen can stop the flickering segment, but sometimes the only fix is to reboot the PC, and the flicker covers even the "Restarting" screens from Windows.


The system is a CrossFire rig running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. This problem started with CCC 16.7.x and continues through 16.8.2.




2x Sapphire branded R9 280X

ASRock 990FX Extreme9 (board label v1.4)

Corsair AX1500i PSU

Monster Power Center providing stable 115V


The monitor is a Seiki SE39UY04 4K 39-inch display. As it is limited to HDMI 1.4, the 4K display rate is restricted to 30Hz peak. I have replaced the HDMI cable with several HDMI 2.1 spec with no change in behavior.


Again, this behavior is tied to the CCC version, and in Ubuntu Linux with the full driver set installed I can't create this behavior. I attempted to capture a corrupted screen via Windows, but the screen captures also are fine, so the bug is specifically on the display out.


3D software, whether Direct3D, OpenGL, or Vulcan, do not have any problems and display properly.