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Radeon HD 5900 crashing. May it be overheating?

Question asked by toohip on Aug 21, 2016
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I have an almost 4 yr old PC (W10 OS).  Graphics card is AMD Radeon HD 5900.  After being on for a short while I keep getting pop-up stating the driver has stopped working. And it usually repeats 2 to 6 times in succession. The driver is updated.  A very capable PC tech suggested my video card has issues with overheating. Got a prog to test it's operating parameters and it shows it either right at the edge of operating temp or just edging above. Very annoying as some of the graphics become un-viewable and I have to reboot constantly. Another suggestion is to re-install the main main memory chip with fresh heat grease?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  And I don't have funds to replace it.  Thank you