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System does not resume from sleep/hibernate mode.

Question asked by alkaizyr on Aug 21, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by kubur

I have HP 250G4 with switchable graphics (Intel HD Graphics 5500/AMD Radeon R5 M330). When I swithc PC on after sleep/hibernate period, I see nothing (only black screen) and PC restarts after 5-10 seconds. After restarting Windows says that It (Windows) has recovered after crashing and error name is "BSOD" aka "Blue Screen of Death". This happens after installing latest AMD drivers. When I uninstall latest AMD driver from PC, sleep mode works just as it should. Native drivers from HP site (Catalyst Control Center) work fine, but I prefer using latest available software (Crimson). Problem occurs in Windows 7 Ultimate (x64, fresh install). Checked this in Windows 10 Pro (x64, fresh install) on this laptop, everything seems to be OK. I believe that problem is in AMD Crimson Software.