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Possible glShaderSource() bug on RX480 latest drivers

Question asked by cybernoid on Aug 21, 2016

I *think* there may be a bug in recent drivers regards glShaderSource() and multiple strings being assembled.  I have gone over my own code quite a few times and I can't find an error - although I am not totally convinced it isn't my fault yet.  It works fine on other vendors hardware though currently.  So I wanted to check if this was a known bug currently?


I am effectively calling it with: glShaderSource(shader, snippets, snippetSizes, 9)


But each snippet string is a mix of null terminated strings and fixed length ones (with -1 lengths to mark the null terminated ones).


My array of string sizes contains:




Which seems to match up fine with my string buffers (I can't see any off by one errors etc so far).  With the -1 size ones being null terminated correctly.  One thing is that some of those string snippets of length 1 only contain newline characters ([3] & [5] specifically).  So I wondered if it was possible your driver was tripping up there?


Also I memory map these string snippets from files in so I wonder also if your driver was reading past and causing the access violation I am seeing?





Having dug into it some more it seems if I pass explicit lengths for all string snippets the crash goes away (So in the test case above I replace the -1's with exact lengths).  So I suspect you have a bug in your handling of null terminated strings?