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    Can't get FreeSync to work, no matter what I try




      No matter what I do, I can't get FreeSync to work. I have no idea if this is a hardware or software problem. Searching the internet has not yielded any solutions. My setup is:

      • R9 390 (Powercolor PCS+)
      • Windows 10 64-bit
      • Pixio PX277 (144Hz, FreeSync, IPS) hooked up with Displayport 1.2 cable
      • I have a second monitor, but I have unhooked it from the video card to eliminate that variable.


      What I have done:

      • I have enabled FreeSync in the monitor's OSD and in the driver settings. I set the monitor's refresh rate to 144Hz in Windows. 144Hz works and is amazing.
      • I tried uninstalling the monitor drivers in device manager. They automatically reinstall as generic PnP monitors.
      • I have tried the following driver versions: 16.8.2, 16.7.3, 16.7.2, 16.5.3, 16.1, 15.11.1. I uninstall the previous driver and reboot before installing the next one. The same exact behavior is present in all driver versions.
      • I tried factory resetting the monitor, unhooking the DP cable and reconnecting it, turning off monitor and computer and starting fresh.
      • I have tried seemingly all combinations of v-sync, FRTC, in-game options, etc. and nothing gets FreeSync to work.


      The only way I have been able to even partially get FreeSync to work is by doing the following:

      • Enable virtual super resolution. This will reset the monitor's refresh rate to 60Hz.
      • If I then run the AMD Windmill demo, 55fps, 50fps and 35fps all "work" as verified in the OSD, but I get noticable flickering. The monitor's OSD shows 55Hz, 50Hz, and 125Hz respectively for these modes. Both 40fps and 45fps cause horrible corruption (red/white blocks, scanning lines - it looks terrible).
      • When I exit the demo after doing this, the Windows desktop now flickers really badly until I change the refresh rate back up to 144Hz.
      • If the monitor's refresh rate is 144Hz and I load the Windmill demo, then FreeSync does not do anything at all, even though it allows me to toggle it and tells me that I have a FreeSync enabled display. The monitor's OSD just says 2560x1440@144Hz. The same thing happens in any game - FreeSync just does not work.


      The only thing I can think of is that it has something to do with the monitor driver. In the Crimson display settings, it says the FreeSync range is 30-144Hz, but the monitor is actually only 55Hz. So below 55Hz it would have to use LFC. Maybe it is trying to force adaptive sync when it should be using LFC? Who knows.


      Can somebody help me? I'm seriously going nuts here. Thanks!

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          If that monitor has blur reduction or overdrive those would need to be disabled for Freesync to work.  Check what the CRU says the freesync range is.  It may also be possible to adjust it with that app too.


          I don't have one of those monitors so can't really help further than that.  If you think it is a software issue then report it here:

          AMD Issue Reporting Form

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              Thanks for your quick reply, Pete. How do I check what the CRU says the FreeSync range is?


              I believe it does have those features, but they are not called that in the OSD. Here are the features I see in the OSD, which I have all disabled.

              • Bypass - off
              • Response time - off
              • Noise Reduction - off
              • Dynamic Frame Control - off
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                  In CRU you hit the edit button at the top right when the montior is selected and it is the V Rate. You can also alter the range there for example my Asus MG279 defaults to 35 - 90 but I can change it to 55 - 144 instead.  I can't use 35 - 144 as the hardware isn't capable of doing that but I felt 55 - 144 is better than being limited to 90Hz at the top end.

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                      In CRU it says the range is 30-143. I tried 55-143, 55-144, and 30-144 and nothing is fixed.


                      Do you have other suggestions? At this point I really have no idea if it's a software issue (AMD drivers), hardware issue (monitor), or something else.


                      I do know that this monitor apparently has the same exact panel as the Acer XG270HU and Asus MG279Q have.

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                          Sorry I am not sure I know it is working with my Asus MG279 so I am not sure why it wouldn't be working for you.  I know the next AMD driver has some Freesync fixes but I am not aware if your issue would be fixed as part of those.  Those are to fix some issues introduced in the last few drivers so if older drivers aren't working for you then the fixes probably won't benefit you either.


                          The AMD engineers would need to get hold of one of those monitors to test with really, since I don't think its mentioned on the list of compatible monitors.



                          Although I suppose it is impossible to test every possible monitor with new ones coming out all the time.


                          I couldn't see anyone else using that monitor saying Freesync wasn't working when Googling so it could just be that monitor is faulty perhaps since I would expect more complaints if it were a driver issue.

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                              Thanks again for your support. I continued to tinker and I got FreeSync to at least partially work. I am going way outside my knowledge level here, but I'm guessing I have collected enough information to diagnose the problem.


                              What I did: in CRU, I changed the FreeSync range from 30-143Hz to 55-143Hz. I also changed the display resolution from 2560x1440@144Hz to 2560x1440@143Hz.


                              Now when I load up a game, FreeSync appears to be working! The refresh rate on the monitor's OSD is adjusting and I finally get to experience the fluidity I have been waiting for. However, I'm worried that my "solution" might be pushing the monitor to do things it shouldn't be doing. I noticed that the resolution in games changes slightly, like to 2566x1441. FreeSync is also now taking effect on the Windows desktop, which is annoying.


                              Does this help diagnose the problem? Do you know how to fix it? I should remind you that there is no official driver from Pixio for this monitor. Thanks!

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                                  Glad you got it working at least partly and it will help other people.  I not really sure why a 143Hz refreshrate at the desktop would work but a 144Hz one wouldn't.   At a guess maybe the monitor is running at 144.01Hz or something odd like that instead of a true 144.00Hz but I have no way to back up that hypothasis.  Maybe it is possible to use CRU to set the max as 145Hz for the freesync limit so that 144.01Hz (or whatever) would work?  Worth a go at any rate I guess.


                                  Report the issue via the bug report form I posted earlier and the engineers who deal with the Freesync coding would need to get that monitor to see what the heck is going off with it and see if anything can be done about it.  Mention this thread in the report.


                                  Freesync working on the desktop (when it shouldn't be since it is ment for full screen apps only) is one of the current issues being worked on so there will be a fix for that.

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                                      The default settings CRU shows are 144.000Hz refresh rate and a FreeSync range of 30-143Hz. I think a couple things were working against me:

                                      • Because the Windows desktop refresh rate was higher than the top end of the FreeSync range, FreeSync would never enable in any applications. But if I changed the refresh rate to 120Hz or 60Hz, I would get the corruption noted above.
                                      • Because the low end of the FreeSync range was 30Hz rather than 55Hz (the monitor's actual capability), the display would attempt to actually force these low refresh rates, which the monitor cannot handle. This resulted in all sorts of strange behavior. What we want instead is for LFC to kick in <55fps.


                                      I don't want to issue the bug report because I don't think the problem is with AMD drivers. I think this is a problem with the monitor - one that Pixio should fix immediately. Actually, Pixio should not have released the monitor with this problem.


                                      I think I found a solution - I went into CRU and changed the top FreeSync range to 144Hz (from 143Hz). That's it. I have tried several games so far and everything seems to be working as it should be. Still, I would like an "official" fix from Pixio because they should presumably know the capabilities of their monitor hardware.


                                      Pixio customer support has been very quick to respond and very friendly, but I don't think they really understand what FreeSync is. I could be wrong, but I think a monitor driver would fix everything. I'm pretty disappointed in Pixio for this as I have spent a dozen hours fixing something that should have worked out of the box, but now that it is working the monitor seems to be awesome.


                                      I hope this helps others with this same monitor. And thanks to AMD for their great support!

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                                          Well that does make sense since I did think it was odd that your monitor can do 30 (or 35) - 144 if it uses the same panel as the Asus model I have which in no way can do that.


                                          It may require a monitor firmware update from the monitor instead of a driver inf to correct if their monitor EDID is reporting the wrong Freesync range.  Their manual also doesn't say what the freesync range is anywhere in it and only has one sentance on Freesync which isn't very helpful.  At least it looks like the monitor is firmware updatable by the end user.


                                          Anyway enjoy using Freesync now you got it working

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                            I have doubts that freesync is working properly for me as well on LG 34UM68. I was googling options last night as well. I get screen tearing within the freesync range while gaming (dx11), so I have to turn on vsync to remove tearing. I also have tried limiting frames and such things as well. FPS reported in game and by afterburner shows that I am within the freesync range.


                            I even downloaded the freesync demo, but the range for that is 40-60 fps. I really want a test for 60-75 as well. The demo worked perfectly, but I don't really seem to be getting stutter free gaming at times.