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Newer drivers are causing my monitor to shut off

Question asked by abigguyforyou on Aug 20, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2016 by abigguyforyou

Radeon R9 290


Windows 8.1 pro 64bit

Drivers I'm having this issue with are 16.7.3 and 16.8.2(this is the one I have currently installed)

HP Pavilion 25bw IPD LED backlit monitor



-HDMI cable to GPU


Intel Core i5-2500K



After upgrading to the drivers listed above, my monitor will display a "Monitor going to sleep" message after running anything intensive on my computer, such as certain games or benchmarking software (FurMark). The only way I've been able to get my monitor working again is to restart the computer. I believe this is a driver issue and not a monitor issue as I can rollback to older drivers and run the same games with no issues, other than what you would expect from using outdated drivers. It might be worth noting that installing the drivers replaced Catalyst with Crimson, which reset my overclock settings to default. This was never an issue before the update.


Let me know if I've missed anything. Thank you.