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    MOM.Implementation error


      Hi! I just bought a new Sapphire graphics card, and i am loving it! BUT i have a little problem. My PC is new and in my city i didn't found any disc drive. The only "good" that  i found in the internet was of a ridiculously expensive price! So, i literally need to insert Cds,Dvds and etc in my notebook, and then pass the archives to a pendrive so i can upload them to  my computer. lol


      For now i don't have any other way to install an optical disc other than using pendrives, and i am making some changes in my notebook, so i've installed the graphics card's driver from AMD. The driver is updated and the card is working, but everytime i turn on my pc i get the message "MOM.implementation error, the archive could not be found" (something like this). So i was thinking...

      Is my graphics card working at max? Because if i search for it in the devices, windows says that it's working fine and the drivers are updated, but i don't feel confortable knowing that something is missing in the driver or something. I also searched for it in the web, but i didn't found anything, except people talking about the .NET framework. I HAVE .NET framework working correctly and they are all updated. Also, i have .NET from 4.5 to 4.6.1 i think i have enough. Can someone help me?