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What AMD graphics do I have?

Question asked by prr on Aug 20, 2016

I would like to update my graphics drivers from the AMD site, but I'm not sure exactly what I have.


I ran Speccy, and it told me this:


LCD 1366x768 (1366x768@60Hz)

1024MB ATI AMD Radeon R6 Graphics (Lenovo)    126 °F

2048MB ATI AMD Radeon R7 M260DX (Lenovo)

CrossFire Disabled


FWIW, I have 8 gigs of RAM and a 512 gb SSD, on Windows 10.


I have noticed my browser (Firefox) waving a bit as I scroll down the page, and just wanted to be sure. I went to my OEM site (Lenovo), and they had only a driver that was several months old. I went to my Windows update, and it said there was an update for my driver a week or two ago, that failed.


Based on what I've told you, I'm sure that I am in fact updated, but I just want to be sure.