Thoughts on AMD Zen reveal?

Discussion created by adr_tech on Aug 20, 2016
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As many of you may know, AMD recently revealed some ZEN performance benchmarks, which show it playing a game smoothly at 4k

I've been excited for Zen since the beginning and I already have money saved up to upgrade my PC upon release. But I want to know what you guys think?


Do you think that Zen will live up to its hype?


Do you think Zen will continue raising AMD stocks like it has been so far?


Heres a little clip showing some of the presentation thanks to HotHardware:

AMD Summit Ridge Zen Processor Demo With Benchmarks! HOT! | HotHardware com - YouTube


Personally I'm more than willing to upgrade to Zen no matter what the numbers end up being. I'd rather continue helping AMD become real competition to Intel.

Due to AMD taking their time with releases, I believe Intel has really been slacking off on their processors, increasing prices for really marginal performance gain. Finally if AMD can beat or match Intel's performance it gives a reason to actually give something new to consumers.