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RX460 reading EDID info  incorrectly,  detecting incorrect native resolution

Question asked by marcgii on Aug 20, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2016 by marcgii

My RX 460 is detecting the native resolution of my TV to be 2160 X 4096 instead of the correct res of 2160 X 3840.  So if I select my native resolution, I will end up with the incorrect aspect ratio.  I'm using the hdmi port.  I don't have this issue when I use the onboard graphics driver.  Why is it doing this?  Is there a way to override the detected EDID info?



I wanted to try fixing the issue using the custom resolutions option, but I need to know the correct inputs parameter for my TV (running at 2160 X 3840 @ 60 Hz).  Does anyone know correct values or if this fix would even work?