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    [BUG] driver for radeon r7 m265


      I think there is some problem with the drivers for AMD radeon R7 m265. yesterday I downloaded the AMD software update utility. I downloaded the driver and installed it. usually I select to download the driver, AMD settings and vunkan RT. well, happens that yesterday my whole computer crashed while installing AMD settings, not even the mouse was working and my HDD was not working: my computer as usual has a light that is always blinking whenever the HDD is used. while installing AMD settings, after some time, that light stops blinking and th whole computer freezes, not even the mouse works, or clicks or shortcuts on the keyboard, like alt+f4... and get's worst: I had to force my PC to shut down through the power button. when I started the PC, my PC was freezing on boot. solution: shut it down, forced again, go to the recovery mode and reinstall windows.

      till now I can assume it's a problem with my HDD, but it ins not: after reinstalling windows I created a restore point (so that I don't need to reinstall windows) and tried to install the driver again, but this time, I chose only to install the driver and discarded AMD settings and vunkan RT. now I was able to install the driver.

      I don't know if here is where to put bugs, but here it is, seems a bug while installing AMD settings, it always freezes there...


      my computer is an Acer aspire e1-572g, intel core i5 2.6Ghz, 4Gb ram, 400GB HDD, and the Radeon R7 m265M, windows 10 with anniversary update.

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          What you have described could be caused by a corrupt or damaged driver installation. I would recommend a system clean up and a fresh installation of our latest driver. Before you update the driver, please ensure you temporarily disable your antivirus software.


          Run the Windows Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) and System File Check (SFC) tools as Administrator. The DISM and SFC tools scan the integrity of the Windows image and all protected system files replaces corrupted, damaged and incorrect versions with correct Microsoft versions.


          To run the DISM command do the following:

          • Use the Windows key + X keyboard shortcut to open the Power User menu and select Command Prompt (Admin).

          Type the following command DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and press enter:Note: While running DISM you will notice the process will pause at 20%. After a few minutes the operation will complete successfully. To run the SFC command, please refer to this Microsoft knowledge base article

          • Use the Windows key + X keyboard shortcut to open the Power User menu and select Command Prompt (Admin).

          Type the following command SFC /SCANNOW and press enter:

          For more information on using SFC on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10, please refer to this Microsoft KB:


          AMD driver software package requires the latest updates for Microsoft Net Framework and Windows to be installed. Please run Windows Update and install all available critical and recommended updates. In order to minimise the risk of installation errors, Windows should be fully updated before installing AMD driver software package.


          Use DDU to sweep the system of AMD drivers in safe mode.


          Install the latest Crimson 16.8.2 drivers once the above is completed and check to see if the issue is resolved.

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              installation curroption is very unlikely. till now, on windows 10, I could not install the driver on windows pre anniversary update neither after the anniversary update.
              I tried several times, tried installing in safe mode, no luck. finally I decided to download an original ISO from MS (since I use digital serial number), checked it's integrity and it was a good ISO. installed it, and even with not even a browser installed the driver was failing and freezing my whole computer anyway.

              On ALL the attempts to install the driver, I was using the OFFICIAL downloader, found on the website. everytime it was failing to install, I would delete the folders on C:\AMD and using the tool, redownload the files again. everytime failed. till I reached this: the driver is always failing when the installer tried to install AMD settings. so I just unchecked the AMD settings package, and than it installed normally.

              than, to have the full package (and in majority because I don't like windows 10 anniversary update) I decided to downgrade from windows 10 to 8.1, the original OS of my PC.  on windows 8.1, the driver installed at the FIRST attempt, FULL PACKAGE, even with Vulkan RT ANDAMD SETTINGS. AMD settings was causing the issue on W10, but on 8.1 it installed like a charm. so, no, it can't be data curruption, and it also can't be a currupt windows installation. lack of dependencies like java, c++ distros, direct X, net.framework... it can't be, specially net .framework and Direct X, windows 10 already comes with net framework 4.5 and direct X 12 out of the box.


              the thing is, it has to be some compatibility problem with windows 10, it can't be nothing else. I tried several times on W10 to install the driver with no success, and on W8.1 N (version without Media Player and all that) it installed at first attempt.

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              I have the same issue tooProblem with R7 M265 when updating the lastest driver on windows 10 with Acer e1-572g  , several times of attempt install latest AMD driver failed. I system restored back to previous stage, where AMD driver problem existed.

              Anyway to just install the driver first then uninstall all the AMD driver and clean install it?



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                It seems that you have the same issue gamy and I had. We managed to solve it. Can u try and follow the steps in this thread
                Problem with R7 M265 when updating the lastest driver on windows 10 with Acer e1-572g

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                  If this is still an issue for some users, what I did for getting it working is:

                  Restart into safe mode, use DDU for uninstall all AMD drivers, restart the laptop, uninstall any AMD software from Control Panel and also uninstall all Microsoft Visual..., restart and then the install of AMD software and drivers should be working

                  This is for windows10.


                  Best regards!