[BUG] driver for radeon r7 m265

Discussion created by khidreal on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by fidodido

I think there is some problem with the drivers for AMD radeon R7 m265. yesterday I downloaded the AMD software update utility. I downloaded the driver and installed it. usually I select to download the driver, AMD settings and vunkan RT. well, happens that yesterday my whole computer crashed while installing AMD settings, not even the mouse was working and my HDD was not working: my computer as usual has a light that is always blinking whenever the HDD is used. while installing AMD settings, after some time, that light stops blinking and th whole computer freezes, not even the mouse works, or clicks or shortcuts on the keyboard, like alt+f4... and get's worst: I had to force my PC to shut down through the power button. when I started the PC, my PC was freezing on boot. solution: shut it down, forced again, go to the recovery mode and reinstall windows.

till now I can assume it's a problem with my HDD, but it ins not: after reinstalling windows I created a restore point (so that I don't need to reinstall windows) and tried to install the driver again, but this time, I chose only to install the driver and discarded AMD settings and vunkan RT. now I was able to install the driver.

I don't know if here is where to put bugs, but here it is, seems a bug while installing AMD settings, it always freezes there...


my computer is an Acer aspire e1-572g, intel core i5 2.6Ghz, 4Gb ram, 400GB HDD, and the Radeon R7 m265M, windows 10 with anniversary update.