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    Asus Strix R9 390x driver Windows 10 won't install (Blank Screen/Freeze)


      Hi All,

      I've bought a new ASUS R9 390x Strix but i can't install Windows 10 driver.

      I've did 20+ fresh install of windows.


      Hardware Config is:

      i7 6700k

      MSI z170a Gaming M7

      DDR4 Corsair Red Led 3600

      SSD m2.Samsung Pro 256GB

      Seasonic Platinum 1000W


      If i install Nvidia Video Card (gtx 980ti and Titan X) the system work perfectly.

      When i can install ASUS R9 390x on fresh install of Windows while installing AMD Driver (from Crimson 16.3.2 to 16.8.2) system Freeze and i must force shutdown a re-start with a new windos 10 installation...


      What's happen?