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AMD A8-3800 APU with Radeon HD 6550D

Question asked by smokin28 on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2016 by smokin28

Trying to play the game called "Rust" and I have played it for 1200 hours.

But recently they updated the game and now it randomly crashes to white screen on my pc.

This only happens with the game Rust and I'm using driver 15.200.1062.1004


Other people playing rust have had the same issue but they are using R7 and R9.

Their fix was to roll back to a previous driver. But I cannot find a previous driver to roll back to.


Before this issue arrived, I was also using the newest Unity program, to design my own game (Rust uses the Unity engine) and it was working fine

but at one point Unity updated and my pc wouldn't run it. When ever I would go to open my project with Unity, Unity it self would crash

to desktop without warning. A Unity tech was trying to find a way to resolve the issue on his end but I eventually gave up and uninstalled it.


Any idea how to fix the issue with Rust?