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    All Driver Installs Crashing


      Just got the XFX RX480 Black, coming from a GTX750TI

      Any time I try to install _any_ version of the graphics driver, it crashes my comp and causes a hard reboot.

      I've tried all past and current versions of the drivers, they all do the same thing.

      I get video fine before installing the drivers, and it will install everything in the package besides the display driver.

      The crash dump only says system lost power, nothing else.


      Sometimes instead of fully rebooting, the fans will full spin and the screen will just go black until I force it off.

      Once I had a blue screen about a "thread stuck in device driver".


      I've done the following:

      • Updated BIOS
      • Updated chipset
      • Ran newest DDU (display driver uninstall) in safe mode
      • Removed all NVIDIA/Overclocking software
      • Uninstalled "raptr" program



      My Comp spec are as follows:

      • MSI Gaming Z97 GAMING 5 LGA 1150 Intel Z97
      • Ballistix Sport 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
      • Thermaltake 750W Power Supply
      • Windows 10 64-BIT



      Any help is appreciated!
      This is my first AMD ever, after using Nvidia for the past 10-12 years, I'm pretty disappointed.

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          Sorry you are having issues and it doesn't give a good impression after giving AMD a go after that length of time.


          Is it possible to try the RX 480 in another machine (a frends PC or something), if the same issues occur there then that would mean it would be specific to that card and most likely it would need to be replaced by the retailer.

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              I'll try it in my girlfriends computer when I get home.


              I guess my confusion is why it works fine with the generic windows 10 driver, but immediately crashes when installing the AMD ones. That wouldn't lend itself to being the physical card, I wouldn't think.

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              make sure graphics card is inserted properly in pci slot and the six pin cable is pushed all the way in and if the psu is modular check the cable is not loose on the psu. I have had these happen to myself

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                1 quick question the pci-e slot you are using is a 16 lane one?

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                  I appreciate the advice, but I've been doing this a while.

                  So, yes it was inserted properly (reseated it as well) and it was in the proper PCI-E slot.


                  When I got home the computer went to a new BSOD:20160819_185606.jpg


                  Keep in mind, this is after all of the steps I mentioned in the original post.
                  The card was giving video, but crashing any time I tried to install ANY AMD driver.



                  So, I was forced to do a clean install of windows (even a repair install failed).

                  I went through the full restore, clean, no overlay. Loaded all the mobo drivers back on, and tried the drivers that came on the disk AND ones from the website, and got the SAME BSOD as the first time, "Thread stuck in device driver". I got the BSOD as soon as I tried installing the display driver, all over again. I was right back to the same point as 24 hours ago.


                  I gave up, I put my GTX 750TI back in, and it works perfect.

                  I'm absolutely disgusted that I spent almost $300 on this card and the drivers are this much of a mess.


                  I really did try to give AMD a chance, but this experience has pretty much been exactly what I've heard from everyone else over the years. Poor support across the board.


                  I'll be sticking with the overpriced Nvidia from now on, at least I know it'll work without 12 hours of troubleshooting.

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                    I'm troubleshooting in last 3 days. Having exact same issue along with the you and "others". But quite older card. Also got same bsod several times which you posted along with thread stuck.... Anyway came here for "solved mark" but appereantly is not


                    Number of people having this "blackscreen of death" issue is increasing exponantially these days and i believe the people lead this forum are know about it, but none has answer.

                    Anyway go for RMA since you card is new...