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    AMD HD8500M and basic microsoft videoadapter working at the same time. Also Radeon control center does not open saying Graphic driver is not working or installed incorrectly


      I have bought Lenovo G50-70 with amd graphics card. I had to replace my HDD hence I reinstalled windows. After that my laptop asked me to update everything. I have downloaded amd drivers from official website. Unfortunatly I had trouble launching games and FPS was a disaster. It did not allow me to open Radeon settings saying that graphic either installed incorrectly or does not work. I tried to install official autodetect utility, however it too didn't work, this time it said that instlation was unsuccsefull. At moment I have two video cards running at the same time. First is Basic Microsoft videoadapter and second is AMD Radeon HD8500M graphics card. I don't know what to do, and I am sure not the only one with this kind of problems.