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having been reset to radeon Wattman defaults due to an unexpected system error

Question asked by eminesimo on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2016 by amdmatt

Hi guys,

for several days i've got this problem and my pc drops fps in game or i get black screen in a twitch stream for example.

i've try to unistall and re-install the drivers for my vga (R9 280) i downloaded these Desktop hotfix...beacuse i have w10 64 bit, but the problem is still here...

Maybe my vga is going to die? maybe this drivers hotfix aren't correct? maybe w10 have problem of incompatibility? i don't know but i really need help... when i watch a stream sometimes the drivers crash and i need to reboot my pc beacuse of black screen... and sometimes in game huge drop of fps.. and another message i recieved is : Radeon settings has riveled 1 or more pannels with high DPI so active Virtual Super Resolution for get better quality... what is that? i have only 1 monitor.

If u need more info ask me

Ty for the support