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Battlefield: Hardline - Laptop secondary GPU problem

Question asked by duvit on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2016 by amdpete

Dear friend, I have an HP Pavilion G6-2001ev.

It uses 2 graphics processors, one is Intel HD 4000 graphics and the other AMD Radeon HD 7670M.


For video games I always go to desktop right click, Configure Switchable Graphics,

and set the video games to run on high performance, which is the AMD Radeon card.


I recently bought Battlefield: Hardline from origin. But when the game opens,

it shows an error: Direct:X your Intel HD4000 graphics is only 512mb of memory.


I have the latest AMD software. I have already configured in settings to run on high performance.


I know the secondary GPU supports DX10 (Which is required for this game)


But it still does not detect the secondary graphics card. I have tried to run Origin and Battlefield Hardline as administrator.

but the error is still showing up. I didn't have this problem with any other game. (That does not use origin)


Any hotfix available for this? Can we contact the programming crew to solve this already?


Maybe more games have this problem with origin!!