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    A10-7890K...Which driver install?


      Have an A88XM-A.  The A10-7890K had an update option that I agreed to and it was a bad install.  I now have a "GameManager32.dll" error.  Not sure of the driver I should be installing for a clean install....is it Crimson edition HD 7700 – HD 7900 Series ?  Thank You

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          GameManager32.dll is part of Raptr / Gaming Evolved, you can un-install that portion of the install via the system control panel / add & remove programs and then pick the AMD install manager and then custom uninstall and remove that app.


          The A10-7890K has R7 GPU onboard so no it is nothing to do with the HD 7xxx series.


          On the download page you would pick


          Desktop APU

          A-series APU with R7 graphics

          and then whatever OS you have

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