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Rx480 installation problems

Question asked by lfnikitafn on Aug 18, 2016
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Hi, I've been trying to install a brand new reference rx480... no interest in overclocking or anything, and I've been running into a ton of problems. It's been causing slow start up times(10+minutes), freezes while in windows, takes forever to open anything in windows, losing power(psu is good and 750w) and bsod errors. Ive done the usual things like uninstalling drivers first, reinstalling windows, reseating everything, chkdsk(it does find errors but only when it's running with this card installed, no errors when hooked up to another computer or if it's run before the card), sfc, etc.  The problems just won't go away.  Then I noticed that the correct amount of vram wasn't showing up in dxdiag(it shows 4095mb)... so could this be the problem? The card itself has on it's sticker saying that it's supposed to have 8gbs, or is it just a limitation of my setup as I know it's old? Not sure if I should give up and try selling the thing or if this can be fixed. Any help appreciated, I'm getting desperate to figure out whether it's the card or something else before the rma month is up.


Windows 7 sp1

I7 930 Quad core @2.88

X58A-UD3R motherboard

12 gbs ram

750w power supply

and of course the card which is supposed to be a power color rx480 with 8gbs of vram, reference model


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