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AMD Radeon Settings and Driver problems

Question asked by iaurorae on Aug 18, 2016
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Hey everyone! Last year I bought the MSI GX70 Destroyer with AMD Radeon R9 M290X graphics. A few days ago I saw that my laptop crashed when I wasn't home. So I had to reset everything (except my files). After I reinstalled all of my programs, I wanted to play ESO and Skyrim again, but everything was just so laggy that I had to restart my laptop a several times. I knew it had something to do with the drivers so I went to Device Manager and saw that the AMD Radeon HD8970M was broken. I reinstalled this one too, but I still couldn't start my games. I wanted to look at the Radeon Settings but this give me a pop up with the message that they are not available and that I have to connect AMD Graphics.


I literally tried everything, the AMD AutoDetect, AMD Catalyst Control Center, manually installing the newest version of Crimson, going to the MSI website for downloads, and nothing works. I only get the message that the graphic drivers are not compatible with my graphic card. Which one should I install to make everything great again?


More information:

OS: Windows 10
CPU: AMD Quad Core A10