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Amd Sapphire 7870 does not boot/leads to green screen, after drivers have been installed.

Question asked by hariman on Aug 18, 2016
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I have a 7870 which is 4 years old now and it causes "green screen" whenever I install its drivers.

(Or does not boot, once it did boot to the windows logo with flickering screen and went off)

Pc keeps running, just no display

If there are no drivers installed it works fine.

My specs

8gb gakill 1833

I5 4570

Gigabyte motherboard

Seasonic s12II 520w


Nzxt cabinate.


This had first started off while gaming, which was cause of a faulty power supply which is being RMAd as we speak.

Currently I'm using corsair vs450


PC would work fine if I wouldn't game.

But now it just leads to green screen.

I tried cleaning the card and pc, reapplied thermal paste, formated windows, I even tried this card on an another PC but it doesn't boot after installing drivers.


I used ddu and installed old and new drivers, changed pcie slot, changed ram slot, you name it.


Problem still persists.

Experts! Please help.

i cant afford a new graphic card and would really wanna fix this.