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MSI r9 280x under 100% load decreases core clock to 500mhz

Question asked by tern19 on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2017 by litroom

As in title. Latelty I've been runing to this problem that my r9 280x under load would decrease its core clock down to 500 mhz. It doesnt matter whether its overclocked ( 1080 core clock, 1580 memroy clock with power limit  20%) using MSI Afterburner or on the stock settings. I've tried clean installing varaity of drivers but none of them solved the problem so right now I m runing on the 16.8.2 version. I've also tried forcing constant voltage, disabling ULPS and PowerPlay but none of it fixed my problem. When it gets stuck on 500mhz the only way to make it go higher is to reboot PC. Any ideas what seems to be the problem?