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Radeon HD 7870 drivers crashing constantly, requires reboot.

Question asked by thefaddler12 on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by goodplay

My ASUS Radeon HD 7870 has been having issues since coming over to windows 10.

Drivers: 16.8.2 (updated this week)

Card: ASUS Radeon HD7870

OS: Windows 10

Ever since I upgraded to windows 10, about 3-4 times every week both of my monitors (only video) freeze and eventually go black. My cursor will still move around by that is it. Previously I've had it say "Your drivers failed but recovered" but now it is really just straight up crashing. There is no way to really recover windows without restarting. This issue is only encountered at load during games. Usually I have a youtube video playing on one monitor and am gaming on the other. It seems to happen randomly, but never within the first few hours of turning on my computer. One thing to note is that it still continues to play sound.

I use one computer monitor on the DVI-D connector and one computer monitor on another DVI-D connector with a VGA adapter.

I do not have another PC I can use to test the card unfortunately.

I also do not have another card I can use to test the computer unfortunately.

I have taken the following troubleshooting steps with no help:

- Monitored GPU temperatures during gaming. Hovers between 30c at idle to 70c at 100% load.

- Using DDU to uninstall all traces of drivers and reinstalling the latest.

- Underclocking the card's memory clock and core clock

- Increasing the power limit for the card

- Reseating the graphics card

- Reformating windows 10 (upgraded to a new SSD)

- Swapping to another power supply


Any ideas at all would be appreciated. I really have no clue how to fix this and don't have the money to upgrade at the moment.