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    Updating drivers gives a black screen...


      Hi all, recently i tried to update to 16.7.3 (from 16.7.2) and this resulted in my PC getting stuck at a black screen during install... Same for 16.8 etc.

      Unfortunately even installing 16.7.2 gives same result now.


      I have tried the below:

      1) amd cleanup utility

      2) DDU

      3) CCleaner registry cleanup

      4) Device Manager manual driver install


      I have found that the 'display driver' element of the installation is what is causing this by deselecting all options from tge install (and then point 4 above ofc)


      I'm running Win10 x64 Pro with i7-6700K, Asus Z170 Deluxe, 16gb ddr4 and 2 x Sapphire Fury X in crossfire and 3 x AsusMG279Q in Eyefinity.

      Also I was running fine on 16.7.2 with no errors or issues...


      Any help is appreciated as I really am desperate now