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    Watch Dogs graphic problems (artifacts)


      Hi all,

      I recently installed after 2 years pause Watch Dogs again. I did with the newest AMD Crimson drivers (16.30.2311). I noticed that the game may run a bit slower than back in the 2014 (but let's say for the sake of simplicity of the topic that that was cause by more clutter in [OS Windows 7].

      The main problem is that there are graphical glitches in the game. So far I have come across one (but more may come). When in slow-motion (focus mode) there are artifacts all across the screen. Let's demonstrate:

      Without focus


      With focus



      I have also a secondary problem that I cannot get Steam to launch it's overlay in Watch_Dogs (may be related, therefore I am stating this fact, but let's not focus on this for now).

      Any and all help is much appreciated. I am including DxDiag just in case.




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          I would recommend trying some older drivers to see if the same issue occurs. You can use DDU to remove your currently installed driver.

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            Watch Dogs has been an issue for lots of users, Like matt said, a driver cleaup cannot hurt


            Recent builds of windows 10 are dramatically faster than before, finally my box runs more like I was using XP or older, games load faster etc


            Halo 2 was 15fps but now its 60fps same hardware and drivers but different windows builds


            Microsoft has already largely tried to deprecate windows 7 with a free upgrade to 10

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                I also tried the game with Windows 10 (which is to say less cluttered than my Win 7) and indeed it ran faster. But I've seen the gliches as well. Not so much as on the 7, but a few times yes. What I've tried before posting here was to clean with DDU and reinstall the latest drivers (because on my last update, Crimson somehow failed to update the drivers and I was left with messed up state).


                I have also found just now what was the source of my overlay problem which I had with all Uplay games (launched through Steam). atieclxx.exe (which is part of AMD External Events service) blocks somehow Steam overlay when combined with Uplay. I have seen reports on the net of AMD External Events causing many graphical glitches, so may be it can be related (although I think I do not have this service on Win 10). Supposedly it was part of the Catalyst suite (I therefore question why Crimson installation does not remove it).


                Anyway guys, thanks for the replies so far. If I come across some specific driver version which solves the problem, I shall post here. Also if you have some information regarding the External Events service, it would be nice to elaborate.


                Other than that, wish me luck .