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Dear peps or AMD xD

Question asked by boilbilly on Aug 17, 2016

I have maybe, a huge problem, or maybe isnt that huge at all. I got a asus laptop x550D series that contains AMD Apu processor, A10 -5750M quad core with video card Radeon HD8670M of 2 Gb vram. Ok, last week i got an update from windows 10 when it was its anniversary update. Everythign went fine until i got a blue screen. It seems that the newest driver for video card is not compatible with it, thats crimson edition version 16, any kind of version 16 is no compatible with Radeon HD8600 series. Of course i did not allowed for the driver to install because i got a clear message that is not compatible. On the AMD site it says it is compatible. Now windows 10 forced an install on my video card with the new driver and of course blue screen occcured, not even a system restore point didnt saved me from that, windows kept installing the update. I was forced to reset my windows to a older version, where everything is compatible and stable with the hardware. Now problem is, windows is still notifying me of the updates and the update of the driver is still there. even tho i stopped the windows to force install. Im wondering how long can i skip it. If i update, my blue screen returns because there is no compatibility between the driver and the hardware. I also tried searching the forums and i saw a post with the legacy drivers, I have to notify you that, even when i installed a legacy driver , blue screen still occurred, windows was still getting that update about the driver. Now what the hell should i do? I cant update, because there is no compatibility and i dont even know how long can i skip all of these updates.