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Lags after installing Crimson driver, windows 10

Question asked by forategor on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2016 by forategor

I have laptop Dell Inspiron 3541 with dual video card R5 m230 (the same as HD 8500) (main) and R3( power save). After installing windows 10 on clear HDD i found Crimson driver lags the whole system every 2-4 seconds. It's not about games, that lags do not allow me to use anything on my PC. The default windows 10 driver (15.201.1101.0) works fine but any version of Crimson driver causes lags. I tryed to uninstall with DDU program and then install again but there was no effect. Power settings is set to maximum performance.

The problem was on windows 10 1511 as well as on windows 10 1607.

Tryed every Crimson driver up to 16.8.2.

When i turn off one of the cards in device manager lags dissapears.

How to use Crimson driver with no lags ?