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    RX480 Fan Jumps to 100%


      Hi, i've my RX480 almost 1 month and first time this happens that my fan just jumped up to 100% usage froma normal RPM, exactly like it sounds, at once a loud fan speed, meanwhile tempeaturs was 30% and no usage at all. I had to restart my pc, right before the black screen came up the fan returned to normal usage..... THIS IS SO WEIRD. any help?


      I'm using driver 16.7.2, windows7 64bit.

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          Please try updating to Crimson 16.8.2.

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              I will if you say so, ill update later it happens again.

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                I just installed 16.8.2 like you said. Somthing isn't right after 16.7.2 because i had the same issue with anti-virus, i had to disable anti-virus during installation and to add exeption to c:/windows/system32/drivers to make Radeon settings work.

                False alarm or not this is not supposed to happened, just like 16.7.2


                I will update if i face the fan speed issue again.

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                  I just experienced this issue with my Windows 10 Pro machine (Anniversary version) and my Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480 (8GB). I am running the latest drivers (Crimson 16.8.2), and it happened while using Media Player Classic just to watch a DVD. At about 10 minutes in, the fans kicked into high gear at 100% locked, even though my GPU temps were only around 40c. Temps dropped, but fans stayed locked. It took putting my computer into sleep mode to get them to unlock. Thought it was just a fluke, but about 15 minutes back into the DVD, they kicked in again with the same problem.

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                    Hey man, it just happened again, even with 16.8.2

                    Like before, at once it jumps to max RPM and gets stuck until i restart. max RPM of what been set on Radeon wattman. like my max is 2500 RPM

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                        Quick question. Do you have any GPU monitoring software running when these instances occurred? I mentioned a number of days ago how it was happening when trying to watch a DVD through Media Player Classic, but further examining not only showed the app would stutter (press Ctrl-J to bring up stats that show spikes in the graph during playback), but both of these issues were occurring in MPC when I had GPU-Z or Open Hardware Monitor running. Turning them off has led to both issues not cropping up (so far).


                        However, my setup is with using 2 monitors and having both my RX 480 card and my motherboard's iGPU active (mainly to reduce GPU temps because having both monitors plugged into the RX 480 locks the card's memory clock to max frequency of 2000 Mhz and raises temps). When both monitors are plugged into the RX 480, the stutter disappears. If I'm still using both GPUs but I set MPC's hardware decoder from DXVA to either QuickSync or turned off, that also stop stuttering. Not sure if doing either prevents the fans from jumping though.

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                      Hi conqueror somehow I managed to find a temporary fix that work for me.


                      1/ Use DDU to remove all graphic driver

                      2/ Uninstall everymonitoring software: HWmonitor, GPU-Z, MSI AfterBurner, Speedfan... and others

                      3/ Download and install Crimson Software Driver 16.7.1 (this is the only that worked for me in the past, it's the one that fix power supply problem so its safe)

                      4/ Go to msconfig in win 7 or in you task manager in win10 to desactivate "Radeon Settings: Host Application" at startup, make it sure it never launch. ( Screen: http://puu.sh/qQ4vF/92d5704b32.png  mark it desactivate just like me).


                      I did this for one week or so, did not have any more crash. BUT this  is a temporary fix because it make me not able to use driver functionnality such as wattman....


                      AMD please, any ETA ?



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                          When i was reading your post yesterday i was going to login so i can talk/answer you, then suddenly i hit my coffee cup and it fell from the table to the keyboard lol. it becamse nescafe keyboard and died so fast. Just sharing of how somtimes a very small things can be so annoying.


                          Anyway, this issue seems doesn't happened often to me, it rarely does and yes when CPUID HWmonitor is on, i couldn'y find a soluition.

                          If i turn off Radeon settings i can't play games then, i just prefer toi wait for proper fix and if it happens again ill just restart, it rarely happens to me, some other more often.

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                          Add me to the list.  I just had this happen for the first time today, and I've had my 480 since July.  I was just browsing the internet and all of the sudden my GPU fan jumps to 5000 rpm.  I wasn't doing anything strenuous at all.  I let it go for a good 30 min before I finally restarted my computer, which fixed the problem.


                          GP Fan.PNGGPU Overview.PNGGPU Hardware.PNGGPU Software.PNG

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                              Way to go, practicing thread necromancy at such a young age, c4rbon.

                              First, update your drivers to something newer. Second, read this:

                              angryuser1 wrote:


                              If you have Wattman installed and ANY of the fan control software installed and _working_ in the background, like:

                              Msi afterburner

                              Sapphire Trixx

                              Open Hardware Monitor


                              Your fan speed WILL bug out after some time. That is because both wattman and your control program will try to change the speed of fans at the same time, simultaneously, and it WILL break the fan controller and fans will spin up to 100% to protect the GPU.



                              Disable, or even uninstall, any third party controller software, or if you don't want to, try to update it and see if the issue persists.

                              Personally I have uninstalled afterburner and didn't have issue with the fan since on my sapphire nitro+ rx480.