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RX480 - Suddenly goes black, white or purple screen permanently.

Question asked by mansen on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by mansen

My AMD RX480 8GB (which I installed today) is having a weird issue. Seemingly at random while I'm on the desktop browing the web, or running desktop applications the screen will suddenly and permanently turn white, black or purple. The OS still continues to run, as I can navigate it blindly.


Windows 10 x64 (Deferred Anniversary Patch)

Radeon V: 16.8.2 (Also happened on the one that Windows autoinstalls)


Intel 4770K

16GB RAM @1600Mhz


I've used DDU to remove and re-install the drivers, as well as used it to purge any nVidia files left over from my previous GTX 760. This doesn't appear to happen during gameplay (Overwatch, NMS, ARK) or a quick benchmark (Furmark)


The card is a former review sample that has been successfully put through a Crossfire benchmark on another machine.