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    do i need to install the latest amd chipset driver before installing the latest graphics driver??


      i tried updating my radeon graphics software,(from catalyst to crimson),i tried various methods,uninstalling from normal control panel,using display driver uninstaller,but its never getting properly installed,sometimes its not installing at all,sometimes it is but on right clicking its still showing catalyst control center and even that is not opening on clicking it..i went back to installing from my original gfx card cd an old version of the catalyst software,and waiting for some answers how to finally update it to the latest crimson software. Btw i hav a XFX R7 250X 2GB graphics card, FX 6300,WINDOWS 7 64 BIT,and GIGABYTE MOBO...PLZ HELP,IT SHUD REALLY NOT B DAT DIFFICULT,JUST D CORRECT PROCEDURE...THANKS IN ADVANCEE!!