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Could you offer a bios fix to a black screening RX480 8Gb (avoid RMA)?

Question asked by jurbeli on Aug 16, 2016
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I have been troubleshooting this card and I'm 99% certain it blackscreens because it is not stable in idle state. (Idle/2D/State 0 GPU core seems to be fixed at 300mhz/0.800V in every manufacturer's bios even though other states depend on Asic quality etc.). Otherwise it is completely working card and never has blackscreened with a slight stress raising clocks and voltage from idle state. I have no intent to RMA it and not be able to use computer for that time. I'm asking if you could provide a new bios with slightly raised voltage in that state (0,82V would suffice I think). With correct signatures etc so it would work with drivers. I know that there are some other people with exactly the same issue and just slightly modified bios would prevent RMAs and save you money of course. It could still be unofficial and totally on customer's responsibility etc. I know this is pretty unusual question but I hope you look into it. I can provide more details if needed.