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Radeon Update crashing Windows 10

Question asked by balleballe on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by ravzanjo



I am using a HP Envy 6-1201ea with Windows 10. It automatically updated the Radeon 8600/8700M driver and my laptop has been problematic since then.


When I start the pc up, the login screen is very jumpy for a few moments and flicks to black a few times in quick succession. The laptop seems to freeze as only a few characters of my login password are registered during this flicking and I have to wait for it to settle down first before logging in.


Once logged in, I get a message titled "System Settings Change" saying "Your hardware settings have changed. Please reboot your computer for these changes to take effect !!"


I have rebooted numerous times. I also rolled back the driver but it kept re updating itself.


The pc has also crashed twice now with the message "Critical Structure Corruption".


Can anybody offer a fix for this please!


Thank you in advance.