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    Display Driver crashes on RX 460


      Am using an RX 460 2gb with a 650w Corsair PSU on Windows 10. I got the card on Friday and after trying the latest driver 16.8.2 my game locked up after about 30 seconds. I used DDU to uninstall everything and installed the 16.7.3 drivers. They seemed to work better. I was able to play without any crashes or so I thought. Some games work better than others it seems. Played for hours yesterday, then switched games and got black screen and crash after 10 mins. The errors I get are, "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered." , The program (game name) stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. If I have Crimson open I will also get Faulting application name: RadeonSettings.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x578d4d34


      Played last night, crash after 10 minutes, thought it was because I had Crimson open so I made sure it was closed. Was able to play for 30 minutes without a crash so I thought that was what fixed it. Played today and the same game crashed after only a couple minutes (crimson not open). I'm really lost for words. I don't know what else to try.


      Is this hardware related? Driver related? /shrug


      Any help would be greatly appreciated


      Edit: Went ahead and ran DDU again, and this time installed 16.7.3 minimal setup since that was what autodetect suggested and I haven't tried it yet. Just played the game that I crashed on earlier and had no problems at all. However, I played earlier without any problems and then came back to the game and got a crash so I may just be getting lucky right now. Will have to give it a few. If I can make it an entire day without crashes, then progress will be made.

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          Sorry I can not give you any useful suggestion to fix it, only my experience on RX460 for share.

          (And sorry for my bad English, English is not my mother language.)


          I have Powercolor RX460 2G, and randomly driver crash issue too(16.7.3~16.8.2 all has the issue), but only happens on DXVA.

          (Chrome or Firefox + h264ify plugin to view youtube)




          These are all TDR event and only happens on DXVA on my system :


          Gaming is fine for me on 3D online game ex: TERA/Blade & Soul/Tree of Savior or some benchmark APPs ex:3DMARK BIO5 benchmark.

          But I do not play other games so I am not very sure if other games are fine or not on my system.


          My PSU is Seasonic G-650W.


          As for RadeonSettings.exe crash, it seems is a common issue and I also have it, although no see any useful response form AMD:

          Qt5Gui.dll crashes RadeonSettings.exe every single time I click on the WattMan tab.

          It only related to wattman UI.



          I have built a clean install Win10 1607 with an empty hard driver, but the issue still persists(DXVA driver crash). So it is ether driver issue or RX400 hardware issue.


          I reported these issues to AMD Bug Report ,I hope it is driver issue and they can fix it.

          RX460 is really the card I want, except the driver crash and Wattman UI issue,and Fan run to top max speed randomly, annoying.


          Before RX460 I have HD7850PCS+ , it crash and black screen while gaming, I kept trying new driver for about 1 year believe that next driver update will fix it. But never fixed, until I RMA it. It died few days ago though.

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              Thank you for the response. I can actually watch youtube videos for hours without an errors, I only get errors while gaming. I too had a 7870 as my last GPU and it too died after a couple years. In the end it was giving me display driver crashes until eventually I just got a white screen with grey lines. Trying to power up my computer was weird. The PC fans would turn on but my keyboard would not work, I obviously got no display and my monitor was in sleep mode. About a week ago I tried the card again, was able to actually get into windows and on the desktop. Tried installing AMD drivers and froze/crashed while installing display driver. So I'm really hoping that my problem isn't something worse than just a driver problem. Hoping for no hardware problems but the only errors I get in the event viewer are display driver crashes so I don't know how what could be the problem. Could be driver, could be hardware, No idea.

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                Edit: Well after about 5 minutes of playing Path of Exile, the game froze for a brief moment before crashing to desktop with the error "Failed creating the Direct3d device". I have no idea what could be the problem. Other games have other problems. For example, in another game I play if it's going to have issues it's when I try to alt tab and I just get a black screen. If I can successfully alt tab, then I can play for what seems like as long as I want without any crashes. Another game I'll get about 3 games (they last about 5-10 minutes each) before I freeze. I can alt tab and try to tab back in, but the screen stays on my desktop but I can still hear the in-game music playing including the fighting that's going on in the game.


                They all have the error Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered. Except Path of Exile also gives me the error Application PathOfExileSte has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware.

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                Today I tested PoE for about 1hr game play and still no see any error message, the game runs fine.


                I then tested another game ToS(Tree of Savior), it crashed(only game crash not display stopped) because I opened GPU-Z on background.

                Not really related to the main topic of this thread but as a reference.


                Also this is my hardware detail:


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                  Just an update. I crashed today for the first time in a few days. It happened after I lowered some graphic settings (Shader and Terrain) in Heroes of the Storm. Crashed 2 games in a row so I changed them back to Ultra and no crash. That's so weird.


                  Why would I crash for lowering settings?

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                    Played all day yesterday, then late last night I got a black screen twice. Event viewer showed This application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware. How am I able to play all day, then out of nowhere I start getting these errors?

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                      Alrighty, I bought 2 Power Color R460X 2GB..one for me, one for my son.  We're both experiencing the same exact thing as listed above while playing various games.  It's getting frustrating because I've tried several different things and it's still crashing.

                      Last night, I was playing WOW, after about 20 sec it crashes.  I tried full screen, full screen windowed, and setting the window to 1920 x 1080 and that allowed me to play for about 15 mins before a crash.  Temperature never exceeded 72 celcius.

                      I did a Furmark GPU stress test and everything was perfect, again the temp never exceeded 75C.  Any help at all would be appreciated.  Any other hints or tips or tricks to try?  My son was playing Trove  and it keeps crashing after a min, same thing.  Thx

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                        i have a power color rx460 2gb that i bought a week ago , mine crashes constantly on elite dangerous and even freezes when playing civ 4.

                        i have tried to send the card back to the vendor (nova tech) they have tested the card on fur mark where it performs perfectly so they will not accept it back without a 25% handling charge .

                        they stopped selling the card two days after i bought it so they must be aware of the issue in fact it dissapeared of there site .

                        i have used ddu to remove the old drivers then installed crimson 16.8.3 the system has a 750 watt psu and was stable before and afterwards .

                        if someone could point me to a thread containing the info showing that amd are aware of a fault with the powercolor cards then i can continue my argument with nova tech .

                        otherwise i am stuck with an expensive desk orament.

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                          I have been experiencing much of what I am reading here. The most prevalent issue is that Windows would report the display driver as unresponsive and restart it. Like, constantly. I started out on Windows 7 pro x64, but it is mostly the same on Windows 10 Home x64 (I wanted to see if the Windows 10 drivers made a difference). Windows 10 seemed a bit more robust in that I could at least access the Radeon Settings applet. In Windows 7 Pro x64, trying to access it would immediately cause the applet to hang. Whenever the display driver had to be "reset", the screen would go black for a moment. Now this is without even launching any games. I could be scrolling through a website. I think I seem to have gotten the problems under control now. Chances are, this might work for you.

                          First, here is my system (this is important to know as it figures into my theory).

                          Dell Optiplex 990 mini tower

                          Core i5-2500 3.3 GHz (Sandy Bridge)

                          Intel Q67 Express Chipset. PCI-Express 2.0

                          2 x 4GB DDR3-1333

                          Samsung Evo 750 256GB

                          Windows 7 Pro x64 / Windows 10 Home x64

                          I have tried several Crimson Edition Driver suites, beginning with the most recent (16.9.2) all the way back to 16.8.1 (the first to implement support for Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 GPU, i.e. RX 470 & RX 460). I would uninstall the driver suite, then run DDU and install a different version number. But the problems remained regardless.

                          I have even updated the motherboard's firmware (DELL A19) which should be done anyway, though that didn't help.

                          I ran a search on the display driver reset with RX 460 on the web, and others were experiencing the same issues! Someone mentioned that dialing back the power limit had alleviated the problems. I reduced the power limit in WattMan to -20.

                          Open WattMan: right-click on Radeon icon in system tray, "open radeon settings", in the applet click on "gaming", then click on "global settings" and click on the "WattMan" tab on the right.

                          I made sure that:

                          1. Everything was set to automatic (fan speed, voltages, etc.)

                          2. Power limit was set to -20

                          3. I dialed back the slight overclock the card came with, to keep GPU at stock voltage. In fact, I do not allow to exceed 1000 MHz.

                          No more display driver restarts! Stutters are gone too. No game crashes, killing floor 2 runs very smooth and for hours at 1080p 60Hz+ with "High" settings.

                          It is my theory that my old motherboard is to blame. The PCI Express 2.0 slot coupled with motherboard circuitry of an office computer just weren't up to the task. I had to dial back on the performance / power use a bit to obtain stability. Now do take note that I did not change the voltage settings at all. Everything is still set to automatic.


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                            I am getting a driver crash when trying to play World of Warships. The game crashes to a black screen, then the desktop, and event 4101 sent by display is logged in the Windows system event logs with the description "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered."


                            I suggest that everyone experiencing this issue should fill out a report of this driver bug, and hopefully AMD will resolve it: http://www.amd.com/report

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                              i have the same problems,Sapphire rx 460 2gb

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                                  Had constant crashes too, mostly driver crashes and windows recovering from it. I sent the card back to Newegg for RMA but instead of a refund, I opted for replacement. The replacement works fine, no more display driver crashing. Interesting to note though: older pre-built systems like Dell Optiplex (I tried the 990) can have problems: my card comes with OC dialed in from the factory. Some older systems can't tolerate the extra 100 to 200 extra MHz on the GPU and you must dial it down to standard clocks. I have Gigabyte RX 460 OC 4GB (no external power connector) on Gigabyte GA-75BM-D3H (socket 1155 sandy/ivy bridge) and no problems. Dell Optiplex 990 with older 1155 chipset doesn't like this same card. You should look into obtaining a replacement if you get display driver crashes and blue screens as I was.

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                                    may i know what proc, MB, PSU you used ?

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                                      • I tried the Sapphire RX 460 2GB in my main AM3+ machine for one night, and it never had any problems for several hours.
                                      • I upgraded my aging Socket AM2 rig above to a new FM2+ rig, and have never had any problems since.

                                      Based on the posts I have been seeing, there is something wrong with the power or bandwidth on systems with older PCI Express revisions. It's unfortunate because the RX 460 seemed to be shaping up to be "A good upgrade for older machines" especially since it doesn't need external power.


                                      As it stands, I guess until these issues are resolved, I wouldn't use RX 460 in an old rig. It looks like someone fixed it mostly by underclocking in WattMan. Probably best to do that until AM4 platform comes out.

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                                      Seems like I have similar problem on my Asus RX 460 2GB. I tried a lot of stuff, but looks like it's not software fault :(

                                      Edit: kinda fixed it by underclocking GPU frequency by 20% and setting power limit to -12% in Global WattMan(AMD settings), but that's not the real fix of the problem

                                      Looks like our rx 460 actually consumes more then 75W via PCI-E slot, which is pretty bad.

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                                          mine also dont have power pin on it, never reach 50w(with default clock) when benchmark testing while the tdp for this card is 75w, so i think the MB can't supply enough power.

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                                            I have an asus vga card like you, I also experience an error such as the display does not respond and had a successful recovery, is this a bug? I've tried various ways to be solved but all the ways that I have tried nothing worked I hope amd quickly clear up this bug) :, because it's a few days I could not play his game as usual


                                            my spec
                                            amd fx 4300asus m5a78l-m usb3

                                            psu 1stplayer 600w

                                            8gb ram

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                                            I use Intel B75 chipset (mainstream/business class chipset) and no problems. If you are experiencing issues like "amdkmdap has stopped responding and windows has recovered" or "such and such application has been blocked access to the graphics card" and similar, and/or accessing Radeon settings crashes the driver, look into getting a replacement. I had all that going on and I messed around with the global WattMan and nothing seemed to help. I use a generic 550W power supply with a PCI-e 2.0 CPU (i5-2500) on Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H motherboard, and no problems now. Before replacement was nightmare.

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                                              Its the card. I have been experiencing for more than 3 months and they even replied me (seems like they don't care much).


                                              I tried like 20 different drivers, all kind of wattman settings and black screens keep going on. Its a waste of time.

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                                                I get this too. Software version: 16.11.5 I got an RX 460 2 GB, maybe 2 weeks ago. After opening Wattman it crashes Radeon settings and it disappears from the system tray in the bottom right corner. Opening it again seems to fix it somehow, but it crashes again after a few mins. Also, I'm not sure if this is related, but, when I restart my pc, before the HP logo shows up, there's a purple-ish square in the center of the screen with green and purple-ish vertical lines that fill up the screen. Did I get a bad card? Has anyone else seen this?

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                                                  I have been dealing with PC crashes on 2x rx480 xfx black oc 8gb crossfire setup since literally the day they came out. I have built a bran new PC and were having problems with hard PC crashing only when the rx cards are installed. Nvidia cards or any other cards run fine. So i then replaced each component of my bran new build with a better higher quality component. This includes, PC Case, CPU, Motherboard, Ram, 4x different PSU's, hard drives, ssds, power outlet, surge protector. I have re-installed windows 10 10-20 times. I have spent 100's of hours troubleshooting this problem. I RMA'd both of my cards and got new cards. I then installed liquid cooling which made my PC so silent that i could hear a capacitor buzzing on one of the cards, that RMA is in the mail right now and awating testing. XFX keeps trying to tell me its my problem and its my pc causing the issue. Although i highly doubt two sets of different bran new components can cause the same issue. The kernel41's seem to have slowed down which may mean driver issues. I'm at wits end. Never buying XFX or AMD ever again. I could put an Nvidia card in this machine and be off to the races no problem. Somehow we all got duped into buying a card released too soon with way too many power and driver issues and we basically paid to be beta testers.



                                                  850 corsair Gold rated PSU

                                                  MSI Z170a sli Plus

                                                  16gb kingston hyper x ram  

                                                  windows10 os installed on corsair SSD

                                                  2x xfx8gb rx480 black oc edition

                                                  corsair air 540 case

                                                  liquid corsair CPU cooler.

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                                                    XFX is sending me a new model DUAL DISSIPATION trim rx480. Although the last driver revision had fixed the new crash i was experiencing. (crashing every day, GPU fan pegged at max RPM's). I am starting to believe even more that all the problems that people are experiencing are due to driver issues. The best advise for myself and anyone else going further is to A: find a driver that works the best for you. B: stay on that driver untill they have time to work out all of the rest of the bugs. I have found that Crimson ReLive Edition 16.12.1 is working well for me. I am not going to update drivers for a long time if this driver proves stable when i install my second card when its recieved from XFX.

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                                                      I also had the same problem. After 5-10 mins of gaming,the game crashes.


                                                      So what I did is turn the AMD Settings to "Power Efficient Mode" On.


                                                      It Worked for me.


                                                      I have a 600 watts PSU (which is above the 400 watt RX 460 Requirement)( Consumption depends on the other System parts)


                                                      However my RAM is only a 2Gb 1333mhz ddr3 so I think that might be the problem in my case

                                                      (RX 460 Require atleast 4Gb of RAM and recommends 8gb of RAM)



                                                      my processor is a AMD Athlon ii x2 250 


                                                      So my conclusion is that if your PSU is above the requirement,then it might be your RAM or Processor.


                                                      Hope This Helps.




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                                                        I recently had to replace my former Graphics Card due to a fan malfunction and when looking for a replacement I saw good ratings for the RX 460 Graphics. I purchased the item, installed it, updated all the drivers and such and instantly started having crashing issues during playing games.


                                                        The computer completely shuts down and then won't reboot for periods of time. I also have to remove the graphics card and reinstall it so that the computer will actually boot up again. I've downloaded the most current drivers that were released only about a week ago. I completely reformatted my hard drive and did a fresh install of Windows 10. I've tested everything else out that I can think of and I can only come to one conclusion. This Graphics Card is faulty.


                                                        Based on other posts from here from many people using the 400 series (460, 470, 480) I see that they all have the same symptom I have. Their computers all crash while playing games (namely the main thing a graphics card would be used for...displaying graphics) and I have not seen anyone from AMD offer to help out in that thread. I can't imagine it is every person's computer that is the issue here and they all seem to have one common denominator. They are all using the 460, 470, or 480 family of graphics cards. Clearly there is a design flaw with this family of processors and I want to know who I need to contact to get my money back. I have never had so many problems with any product in my life and this is a very disheartening experience I am having with AMD.


                                                        I've tried the power efficient mode fix and dialing back frequency andpower with the Wattman and I still get the same problems of games crashing almost instantly when I start them up. This is freaking annoying and I want an ACTUAL fix from AMD or I want my money back. Period, end of discussion.

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                                                            I am sorry that you are among the few users who have an issue with your card among the many thousands of users who have not experienced any issues.


                                                            It could well be that you have a hardware defect which can be resolved by applying for an RMA from the card manufacturer.

                                                            If you are looking for a refund, you will need to contact your point of purchase.

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                                                              If dialing back the frequency doesnt work this card probably has a different problem. I personally use an Sapphire card and it had similar problems, dialing it back helped and since the relive update im even rocking a nice overclock. I would send your card back for an RMA.

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                                                                  hi guys so I got a powercolor rx460 and I a, running to the same problems with battlefield 1 I can play the campiang but not the multiplayer it goes to the loading screen and crashes and with csgo it does the same my specs are

                                                                  cpu intel core i5 3.0ghz. and 4 cores i do not remember the model code

                                                                  gpu:powercolor rx 460 2gb.

                                                                  ram: 8gb.

                                                                  psu: corsair cx750

                                                                  motherboard :just the usel one that comes with any dell computer i think it is a inspiron 660 or something like that

                                                                  today I will try to set wattman to -20 and underclock my gpu and then I will try other drivers anything else to do anything helps please help me out

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                                                                I had this same problem but I was able to fix it by doing 3 things.


                                                                1. unplug your GPU from your PCI-E slot (or any other slot it may be in) then put it back in after doing all these steps.

                                                                2. take your CMOS battery and put it back in. This battery can be found on your motherboard and you can google how this looks like and how to take it out. it's really easy!

                                                                3. CLEAN ALL YOUR FANS!!! this may not seem like it could be causing the problem but for me, these 2 steps made the problem occur less, but it was still happening. Only after cleaning every fan and vent on my pc was I able to make this problem go away.


                                                                Good luck!

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                                                                  I use these settings to get my asus rx 460 dual 2 gb oc working with any game that i have (league of legends,witcher 3,shadow of war,fortnite,gta v,)

                                                                  You have to save these profiles and reapply them on pc start up because wattman voltage settings will go default (probably because of msi afterburner)

                                                                  I placed fan curve as it is because i noticed that higher fan speed holding my gpu at aprox. 60 celsius cause me crashes as opposed to this curve which holds it at 70 max .(I also do have arctic liquid freezer 240 in front of my gpu (4 x120 mm fans) which probably affects my gpu temp.)

                                                                  Also yesterday i updated my driver to 18.7.1 and that caused me crashes even at this settings so i had to roll back at 18.5.1 which works fine.