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    Freesync on Asus MG279: How to force refresh rate?




      I am using an Asus MG279 Monitor. I can turn the refresh rate up to 144hz but for freesync the refresh rate has to be set between 60hz and 90hz. If I set the refresh rate to 120hz or 144hz freesync will be turned off automaticly.


      I am very satisfied with 90hz and never use the monitor over that. The problem is, that when i start "no mans sky" the game changes the refresh rate automaticly to 144hz and there is no option in the game to change this. Is there any possibility to force the refresh rate of 90hz or is there any way that i can lead the game to believe that there is no support for refresh rates over 90hz? Or is there any way to get completely rid of the refresh rates 120hz and 144hz?


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          You would be better off using the CRU (custom resolution Utility) app to alter the Freesync range.  I have the same monitor and the range after the alteration is 55 - 144Hz where freesync works.  The monitor OSD will still say it only works at 35 - 90Hz but it does actually still work.  Not everyone can use 55Hz as the lowest range while using 144Hz as the highest range you would have to experiment.


          Although for that particular game you would be lucky to get 55fps since the game doesn't run that great.


          An alternate would be to setup a custom slightly lower resolution with only 90Hz defined but you wouldn't be able to use the full amount of pixels on your monitor then.

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