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PC Monitor switched black when projector powered off

Question asked by sined54 on Aug 16, 2016

Hi !

I have problems with my graphic system :

This is my config :

- PC with radeon R9 200 serie running under windows 10 x64

- latest driver installed (V crimson-16.8.2-rc4)

- One LG 27" monitor connected from the DVI-D output of the graphic adapter to HDMI input on LG monitor

- One Marantz SR5006N home-cinema amplifier connected from the HDMI output of the graphic adapter to an HDMI input on the amp.

- One SONY WV50ES projector connected via HDMI from the HDMI output of the Marantz Amp


My problem is : when I turn the video projector off, and the Marantz is on, it switches my PC monitor to black.

If I shut down the Marantz too, the PC monitor returns to normal.

It's a problem because I can't use my PC as a music center without powering on my projector.


May somebody have the same problem ? and found a way to fix it ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.