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    regular freeze ATI hd7800


      Hello everyone,


      I am running on Win7 with an AMD Radeon 7800HD.

      Till this point I never had any problem with my graphic card, it was working fine.

      A few weeks ago, the ATI Control center shows a pop up telling me that a new update was available.

      Before updating, I read the update notes and it was tagged "beta".

      Since the update, in every game I play (which is bit demanding), I have regular freezes of more or less 500ms (it rizes up to 1-3s in Cod Advanced Warfare which is not a recent game).

      For online games this is unplayable...

      I am planning on uninstalling the last drivers and come back to vanilla driver and not installing the last beta.

      Is it the right thing to do?



      1. OS : Win 7 64 bit
      2. CPU : Inter core i5 357K
      3. Graphic card: AMD Radeon 7800HD
      4. Ram : 8Gb

      Thanks for you help.

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          Have you tried rolling back to the previous driver using Device Manager?

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              Hello kingfish! Thank you for your idea, I actually did that and it solved my problem.

              In case it would help someone, I will tell the process I did step by step :

              1. Uninstall all AMD related content (software like Catalyst control center, AMD soft wares, Vulcan, etc.)
              2. Uninstall your graphic card driver with windows.
              3. Reboot your computer.
              4. Install the vanilla drivers provided with your Graphic card.
              5. Update back till the non-beta driver.

              Most of my framerate problems are gone now, I reach again a decent driver state.

              I would be very gratefull if the Catalyst control center was NOT (or allow the option) showing  pop-up about update if they are still in "beta" state. We are not beta-testers we are consumers.