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    Powercolor R7 265 Low usage


      Hey guys!  2 years ago I bought R7 265 GPU and upgraded my old 9800GT. Anyhow.. When I put the card I didn't see any preformance from it. it was just like my 9800GT but this 1 is way powerful. The problem was the GPU usage. I was with E5700 and I was thinking its bottleneck or some sort. And maybe it was bottleneck after all. Today I upgraded my E5700 to Q8400 CPU but the problem is still here 2 years after. So that brings a problem with low FPS while gaming.
      Witcher 3 - Outside towns 98% Usage - 30-35fps (high settings)
      Witcher 3 - Inside Novigrad (town) 30% Usage - 18-20fps
      Crysis 3 - Outdoor (green field) - 10-20% Usage - 15fps
      Crysis 3 - Indoor 70-90% usage - 60fps
      Evolve stage 2 -  ( low settings) 10% -30% usage - 30-40fps
      Even Dota 2 is running with 40-50fps with low GPU usage at about 15%. On a benchmarks with Q8400 and R9 270 Dota 2 us running with around 100fps but the GPU usage is up to 99%
      So my question is: Why? Why is this happening . I'm with the newest drivers. Tried to clean old drivers with DDU and much more things. Tried with MSI afterburner , tried with more power % from the Crimson. None of this works.


      R7 265
      Windows 10(64bit)
      4GB RAM
      Driver version : 16.8.2