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    Problem with having 2 display drivers


      Hello everyone,


      I have two display drivers: AMD radeon HD 8650G ( primary) and AMD radeon 8970M. When trying to update the 8970 one my computer crashes and i need to reboot in safemode. Can someone please explain to me how it works when having two drivers? How can i update and keep updating my drives with no trouble? Which updates are the best for my drivers atm?
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          You have a APU that has  integrated graphics and a discrete graphics in a laptop. You do not try to install drivers for the individual graphics chips...you install one driver for the APU that works for both. You didn't mention which APU you have. You didn't tell us what OS. So I have to make a WAG.

          Here is how you find the correct driver:

          Download Drivers



          And here is the driver for your laptop (assuming you run Win10 64bit) > Legacy