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    Windows 10 freezes at loading screen with Rx 480


      Just got my rx 480, installed into an Asus p8z77-v motherboard, windows 10 x64 pro refuses to load. I then did a clean install of windows, installed the essential drivers and crimson, everything was fine until i update windows then the system froze, did a hard reset and windows will stuck at loading screen from that point on.


      Tried different legacy and uefi settings in bios but nothing helped, until i tried doing boot override and select the drive with windows installed then windows loads!


      I then tried multiple clean install of windows, installing drivers in different orders, tried different version of gpu drivers, results are the same, windows wont boot untill i do a boot override pointing to the drive with windows installed.


      Motherboard is with latest bios, and everything was fine if i remove rx 480 and boot with intel graphics.


      Any idea how to fix this issue?

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          It turns out to be windows confused between RX 480 or integrated gpu, and kept attempting to output display with the integrated gpu. Since my motherboard can't totally disable integrated gpu (i can only select pcie priority, but it doesn't fix this problem), only choice i got is to disable it manually in windows under device manager, and set windows update not to install device drivers automatically (although it still does once in a while).


          Now my pc boots properly untill it doesn't then i will need to do boot override then manually disable the intel graphics in windows again, which i wish it wont happen too often.


          I don't know why windows would get confused as I had been using my old sapphire hd7950 for years without issue.