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rx480 black screen after awhile

Question asked by dmcybe on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2016 by panopticon

i will get a black screen after awhile no error or nothing windows still running just fine. I would be watching something on Netflix or just on the browser than the screen would turn black. i pretty sure its a driver issues since i though it was the DP port or cord try different port and dp cord still the same. i did all the steps to do a clean install of the drivers done the sfc /scannow. i evening reinstall windows 10 Pro 64-bit.



Windows 10 64bit

16gbs of ram ddr3

mobo asrock fatality fm2a88x+ Killer

cpu amd a10-7890k

gpu rx480 8gbs PCIE 3.0x16 slot

PSU evga 700w