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THREAD-LOCK, Cant install any amd driver, system freezes

Question asked by alpere on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2017 by slayer071680

I have 7850 HD and using windows 10AU


So yesterday infamous black-screen problem happened to me as well.


To briefly summerized,  Screen went blue while on playing and after windows 10 never  could be boot again, only black screen.

Formatted pc and make clean windows 10, but screen goes black immidiately after ati driver loads to os, Drivers wiped and re installed but in mid installing, screen goes black and so on.

Only way to break the black screen loop is go to safe mode, and wipe out amd drivers and switch to windows default driver. But problem returns while on driver installition.


Last state of overdrive was on, crimson 16.8 drivers was installed. (now even legacy CCC drivers could not be installed)

The only change before catastropic event was installing 16.7 drivers and enabling overdrive. (i had enable overdrive  time to time int the past with no problems)


Vbios reflashed with stock - no change.


Card is responsive with windows default driver. I managed to see thread_lock blue screen by enabling on board card with first priority then try to install amd.


For a quick search there seems to be tons of people having exact same issue, mostly on 270 or 370 series which are also superseed of 7850. Amd, please respond to us the fact that if our cards just get bricked or maybe by change your drivers manage to write corrupted information to some rewritable rom on card?


These people supported you for ages with buying your cards generations to generations, and i believe they deserve an proper answer from you!