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    R9 380 4gb Crash


      Ich have problems with my drivers.In nearly every Game  the driver Crashes after some time(5 minutes to 1 hour).Here are some things that I already tried to do:

      -reinstalled windows (7,8.1 and 10)

      -Card over/underclocked and powerlimit

      -Bios update

      -drivers installed with and without WHQL with DDU in secure mode

      -Other Powersupply (600 Watts and Factory New)

      -TdrDelay 2 to 8

      On the first day of Windows 10 everything worked just fine.But at the second day it crashed again.There are 2 error messages:The driver "amdkmdap" stopped working and has recovered. and The access to the graphics hardware has been blocked for the application .


      My system

      CPU:A8 6600K OC on 4.3 ghz

      GPU:Asus Strix R9 380 4GB

      RAM:8GB 1600mhz

      Motherboard:Asus A88XM-A

      Power Supply: FSP Hyper M 600 Watt Single Rail

      Hard Drive:SSHD 1TB

      SSD: OCZ Trion 150 128GB

      All Drivers are up to date and i tried old drivers.I dont know what to do anymore.Can anyone help me?

      Sorry for my bad english.



      After some Months working it crashed since the wattman update. But running it in OC with Core Clock to 1000mhz seems to work fine