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1080p Issues on HDTV after playing around with AMD Settings?

Question asked by veltine on Aug 15, 2016
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1080p looks bad on my monitor since the recent driver update and fiddling around with AMD Radeon settings. I have a HDTV with a native of 1366x768, but no problems UNTIL yesterday. Everything looks like a lower resolution that was upscaled to 1080p, like a compressed JPEG image.


I've looked, and only similar issues are out-of-the-box issues with a monitor, but my monitor was working great, normal until yesterday. I've no idea how to change it back, I remember it began when I clicked "Super Virtual Resolution", but as soon as I saw the damage I turned it off -- It didn't go away. I'd really like some help with it. It also sometimes happens that lines begin to flicker around the screen for no reason, horizontally.


If it helps, before I had NO display settings changed in the AMD radeon settings, but now I'm forced to scale the HDMI to 5%. At 0% the display is too big for the monitor.


For reference, I have a Samsung 21' HDTV monitor, and a R7 260x.