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flickering and distortion after anniversary update

Question asked by rootamd on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by brucer

R9 290 on windows 10.

Software Version 16.8.2 hotfix 2


Getting this flickering after the anniversary update. Seems to only happen on two of my three screens. Logging out and logging in seems to fix it for an hour or so then it returns. Playing games is fine.

  • Updated to both recent hotfix's, no change.
  • Full uninstall reboot, reinstall, reboot. no change.
  • Checked connections. all fine.
  • Also happened with 16.8.2 hotfix 1
  • Also happened with 16.8.2
  • Was fine before the anniversary update.
  • No sound distortion over hdmi.
  • Happens on my display port monitor and my HDMI monitor. DVI seems ok?


Anyone else seeing the same thing any idea whats going on?Capture.JPG