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    Radeon RX 460 2gb Driver crashing, downclocking was the only solution


      I've purchased few days ago the RX 460, and since day one I had troubles with the driver, i've tried clean uninstall, re-install, downloading packages and even reinstalling the whole windows.

      nothing helped, beside one, downclocking the GPU, downclocking the gpu clock by 10% helped to play for longer without the crash, if I didn't downclock at all the game would crash within the first minute.

      I downclocked the GPU by 25% (which is unaccepted since this is not the product I've paid for.) downclocking was the only way to fix the crashes.

      Now, I need some information, what to do. I do not want to downclock it so much, I have the sapphire rx460 factory overclocked to 1210mhz.

      I'm experiencing the crash's with any game. with some I crash earlier with some later. playing usually on 1920x1080 med settings

      Core 2 quad q8400 @2.66ghz

      4gb DDR2 5-5-15

      Radeon RX 460 2GB

      Windows 10 home 64bit

      Crimson (latest)

      MAG 24" 1920x1080 60hz RD24L DVI-D cable

      Asus P5PKL-AM

      Zalman 450