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Correct drivers for legacy card? And will they work with an A10-7850K?

Question asked by scoobysnax on Aug 14, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by scoobysnax

My PC as built Sept 2015:

  • CPU = A10-7850K
  • MB = Gigabyte G1 Sniper A88X
  • 16Gb RAM
  • OS = Win 7 Home 64bit
  • Power Supply = BeQuiet 580W Straight Power

I updated to the latest drivers when prompted over the last year and I also have the AMD Catalyst Control Center installed.


A couple of months ago I installed the graphics card from my previous machine – a Radeon HD 5830 – as I wanted to play a particular game
which wasn’t very smooth relying on the APU alone.  I got what I believed to be the best drivers for this legacy card from the AMD website, and currently according to Radeon Settings:

  • my R7 on the APU is disabled and the 5800 is set as the Primary
  • my software version is 15.11
  • my software edition is Crimson
  • the driver packaging version is 15.30 1025. 1001-151129b-297 237E. 

Is this correct?  Looking on the AMD site today it says the best drivers for my card are the Catalyst Software Suite 15.7.1 and Crimson
Edition 16.2.1 Beta.  This doesn’t seem to match what I have got installed although I thought these were the ones I had installed in June.


Three weeks ago I upgraded to Win 10.  All seemed fine and I installed the Win 10 AU ten days ago.  I now have a new RX 470
and was planning to install it this weekend but on Friday night I started getting BSoDs – not seen these since Windows XP.  If I left the PC alone for around 10 minutes, I would return to find a blue screen with the message that my PC has a problem and needs to restart, Stop Code: System Service Exception.  Upon restarting I get another blue screen saying Windows couldn’t load correctly and it says I need to use a Restore Point to get it going again, which I do.


At the moment my PC works fine if I’m using it but if I leave the PC alone I need to close all applications and switch off the PC to avoid the BSoD. 

Having failed to find out what was going wrong I called Microsoft yesterday and they took remote control of my PC to try and fix the issue. We
ended up going back to the previous build of Win 10 which appeared to have been working fine.  This has not stop the blue screens!


I don’t want to install my RX 470 until I have got a stable system, and I am hoping to avoid going back to Win 7 (I still have until next
weekend to make that decision before the 30 day rollback option expires).  I am going to try removing the HD 5830 and return to just using the APU so I can install the very latest drivers and see if that resolves the BSoDs.  If I remove the HD 5830 will the R7 on the APU work when I reboot with the current drivers?