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    remembering software window position


      Hi. I currently use a 2 monitor setup for gaming, and I have the AMD Crimson Raedon Settings window open on my off-monitor, showing the "Gaming -> Global Settings -> Global Overdrive" tab, which shows primary GPU temperature and activity, among other things.


      Every time I turn on my PC, I need to re-position this window into the spot that I like.


      Is it possible for you to make it so the software remembers where it was positioned when last closed? This way, I could just open the software and it would pop into place. Many other programs do it. That would be a wonderful convenience.



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          OK and what happens to people who have changed their monitors or disabled a montior that previously had the radeon settings open on it or they have changed their desktop resolution to a lower one or had a game crash at a lower resolution since the last time they used it? They would no longer potentially be able to see the radeon setting window.  All those sorts of scenarios wouldn't make it a very useful feature.

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