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Graphics card deleted from the device manager +black screen after boot .

Question asked by feelsbad on Aug 14, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by amdmatt

so i downloaded the autodetect utility to find if i have some drivers i havent updated. after i installed it asked me to restart after i restarted after the windows logo the screen went black. nothing i could do. so after hours of trying to fix this i found a forum wich said that if i have 2 graphics cards in the device manager i should disable the one of them and try restarting and if it still doesnt work i should try activating that one and disabling the other one i did that and it worked . but when i got in my computer my computer was slow as hell. got hot fast , videos full screen were slow as hell, in games i had 10 fps . and the most important thing is my brightness is so much that i feel like im gonna go blind. so please someone help with this .
os: windows 10
graphics cards: amd Radeon HD 8600M the other one that was in the device manager was i think an amd 8300 the number is right but i dont know if it had anything else.
cpu: AMD A4-5000

memory: DDR3 6gb
thanks for your time.
oh and im in a laptop.