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Shifted display and multiple horizontal lines. (Images and video provided)

Question asked by mmag on Aug 14, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by amdmatt

Hello everyone,


I have AMD HD6850, Sapphire. I bought it back in 2011.


Last night I was playing Dota2 on max settings, 1600x900 res. Suddenly the display shifted and I could move cursor to the right then it goes back to extreme left.


I have taken photos as many as I could here:


I quickly opened HWMonitor and such and AMD's Catalyist (during gaming) and temperature was 70C. Which is normal as far as I know.


I opened Device Manager and tried to disable then enable the driver but no effect.


Only way to get out of that was by a restart. When it soft-restarted, everything was back to normal.


Then I started the match again then same thing happened. Restarted, fixed again.


I did not have any new software installed nor updated the driver (no new updates for this model anyway) nor did anything with the hardware. Only significant thing is Windows 10 latest update, but I've played many times since then and nothing happened.









What is the cause of this problem? Is it drivers? What should I do? How should I diagnose more?


Thank you for reading.